Academic and Research Communication with Michael C. Anderson.

Author:管理员    Publish Time:2016/10/31 0:00:00

In Chongqing last month, Professor Michael C. Anderson, from the University of Cambridge, stayed for 4 days from September 15th to September 19th, 2016, in answer to our request of a short-term academic and research communication. This was his first time to visit our laboratory after about one year’s cooperation in the field of memory. Professor Michael C. Anderson has made creative and important contributions to this area, and his findings are inspiring many other researchers. Studies about how to avoid unwanted memories, such as trauma, unexpected experiences, from re-entering the consciousness is closely connected with people’s healthy living. A lot of researchers continuously try to find neural mechanisms and resolutions of this issue from the perspective of neuroscience. We firmly believe that abundant research findings will be obtained through the cooperation in the near future.